Seven view of Bucharest, Romania.

Night View

Bucharest, Romania is an ancient city that combines a rich history, communist era urban renewal, and 21st century capitalism. It is a city of many faces and most definitely a city in transition.

Old Church

Centuries of religious architecture are embedded within the 20th century city.

Apartment Block

However much of the city was rebuilt with rather stark communist era apartment blocks.

Coke Bottle

With the arrival of capitalism an overlay of sometimes exuberant advertising adorns the city.

People's Palace

Parliament Palace (formerly known as the People’s Palace) is the world’s second largest building and dominates the Bucharest landscape. Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu demolished a large sector of the old city for this 1980s era modernist-rococo mash-up, it’s grounds, and sprawling parking lots.


Bucharest’s surviving 19th century buildings are getting a make-over as hip cafes and shops move into the neighborhood.


With limited public transit and an explosion of traffic, taxi drivers get around with a little help from their friends—the Saints.