A Blog Before its Time


Not long after I wrote my first travel article in the mid 1990’s I decided it would fun to start posting travel bits online at The Doyle/Logan Company website. I posted the first online travel piece in 1997, on a section of our website I ambitiously titled “Travel Tip of the Week.” I never really managed to live up to the name—this was long before the concept of the blog, and naturally there was no software to make it easy; it took me much longer to code each entry in html than it did to actually write the short articles! Still, over the years I posted quite a few tips, as well as longer musings on places I’d enjoyed. I changed the format many times, eventually settling on posting longer travel journals, photo essays by myself and Michael Logan, and links to articles I’d written for other online sites. During this time, of course, blogging became ubiquitous; I’ve continued to resist the increasingly elaborate blogging software; I haven’t wanted to sign up for another “service”or to disassociate my travel writing from The Doyle/Logan Company domain—after all, the postings are, and remain, for the entertainment (and perhaps occasional usefulness) of our clients and friends. Still, I am exploring the possibilities of abandoning my now antiquated ways and migrating to a true blogging format. Stay tuned.—Clay Doyle